Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Diana Photos

Diana cameras can be very unpredictable with the results they produce and this is part of their charm. With digital cameras there is the instant nature of being able to preview an image the second it has been taken which of course means setting can then be adjusted to create the perfect picture. Not knowing the results of a Diana camera until the film has been produced a good deal later means the intended results will very rarely be achieved. This element of leaving things to a certain extent to chance is part of the appeal.

For my personal project I plan to use a DIANA camera to capture the mood of certain spaces around the city. The atmospheric shots that can be produced using these analogue cameras is perfect for my project that seeks to capture the feeling of a space, but i am cautious not to use this camera as an excuse to project a fake feeling of nostalgia on to my subject.

The hands-on, manual nature of the camera means that the user has a number of variables to play with -aperture, exposure time, pin-hole setting, double exposure etc. When viewed on a small (intended output) there will be an interesting juxtaposition between the digital and analogue.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010