Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mapping Movement

Crackology: Mayhem’s Crackology focuses on the creation of relationships between infrastructural flows and architectural space, generating an alternative ground condition. In Sao Paulo, the optimisation of infrastructure provides the opportunity to create public spaces on the leftover sites, but on Mayhem’s site, an urban park, this has led to its isolation and disuse. The surrounding programme, as well as the car, bus and pedestrian flows, inform the proposed infrastructure to blend public and private space, creating a fluid and differentiated urban massing of overlapping parks, office towers, residential areas and the relocation of an existing bus station.

From Digital Hinterlands website.

Fascinating images of movement visualised. I'm very interested in this idea of making something that is usually invisible, visible. For example once someone has walked past you in the street, you do not know where they have travelled from except that they have walked down the same road as you. Only they know the exact route they took.

Above we can see movement being mapped. In terms of psychogeography and a person's movement within a space there is a difference between the flight paths and the route which the London taxis take:

- the pilots path is predetermined
- the taxi driver's is (to a degree) chosen by them based on what's happening around them.

We can see that many of the taxis turn off down backstreets where the traffic is less busy, away from the main roads.

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