Thursday, January 7, 2010

Personal Project: google maps and user interaction

Users can upload their own photos onto Google Maps and mark them on the map precisely where they were taken and of course what they were actually of. This is a relatively new concept has become known as 'Geotagging'. With the advent of mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone or Blackberry which feature both GPS (Global Positioning System) technology and a camera, I predict this will become a more and more popular thing for people to do. It is a very democratic way for amateurs to share material on a specific place/space. The iPhone now automatically adds geographical identification metadata to the photograph/video that is taken and in Apple's iPhoto the image/video can be viewed on a map showing where it was taken in the world. Above is a map of edinburgh showing all the real estate/photos/wikipedia articles that members of the public have added and gives evidence that their are considerable number of people participating.

Photos users have uploaded in Scotland...

... in Europe

... in the World.

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