Sunday, January 24, 2010

New technologies

In June '09 i went to the design museum in London and was struck by a music video that was created for the band Pet Shop Boys. It was a piece of visual communication that really made an impression on me and i had been trying to find this for a long time after and finally found this video that explains the process. Again i was fascinated by use of new technologies where barcodes were embedded into the song so that people could use a camera phone to take a picture and it would automatically recognise the geometric shapes as text. An amazing way to include a lot of information. I'm impressed with the way the Pet Shop Boys really put an emphasis on good design throughout there videos, album covers and merchandise, especially with Farrow design having done most of there work for the past few years.

Seeing as though the theme for my personal project is fairly complex and will put a heavy emphasis on displaying work on people's personal devices, i think it would be extremely important for me to make a viedo like the one above that would help explain my idea.

Absolutely fascinating use of new technologies, overlapping the printed media with that of the digital. Content crossing over from one to the other, interacting to form a very powerful relationship between the physical and the virtual. This relationship is definitely something to consider for my own work.

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